Arlette - Mayer Hasbani
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This project is the interior design of an apartment, which is located in Bosques de las Lomas. The objective was to give a feeling of freedom to the interior of the spaces by means of floating walls, which allow the flow of light generating free areas. These elements –like screens– allow us to suspect that they hide and invite discovery.


In this department the spatial relationship of all the spaces was achieved, reinforced with the same materials; but, with dividing elements that generate delimited spaces: warm and private. It is a game of surprises; each environment holds new puzzles and new findings.


What characterizes the concept is to largely dispense with the use of the dividing wall, which often limits and encapsulates the internal habitat, thus turning it into a flexible space; that also at the same time generates delimited spaces: warm, comfortable and private.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Private
Type: Residential Interior
Area: 400 sqm
Writing date: 2007
Construction date: 2018
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Omar Salas
Status: Built

Construction team

Construction: Hasbani arquitectos
Lighting Design: Hasbani Arquitectos
MEP: Instalaciones 2000
Photography: Héctor Velasco