Capital Park - Mayer Hasbani
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Capital Park

The real success of La Condesa is not fortuitous when Mexico City loses the character of its neighborhoods, due internationalization misunderstood, carried out between 1950 and 1990. Condesa is perhaps the only surviving example of the value that neighborhoods had. Whose common-structure to all cases it is defined by the subsequent elements:


The heart of the neighborhood is made up of the parks named Mexico and Spain, both are structure support point. The surface of these two parks, squares and garden ridges exceed the area-by far that actual and a century ago regulations of residence zones demands.
It would be convenient that in the actual renascence of La Condesa requires a contribution to each new
tenement, to improve and maintenance of Mexico and Spain parks, as well squares, roundabouts, ridges and sidewalks.


Exempts the buildings earmarked for rooftop gardens. Our Project opts for these latest forms in collaboration with structure environment of La Condesa. Extending Spain park with the common area (terrace – garden) on the complex.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Private
Type: Residential
Area: 15,000 sqm
Writing date: 2006
Construction date: 2008
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Verónica Elizalde, Omar Salas, Paola arce, Edgar R., Enrique Diaz Lugo
Status: Built

Construction team

Structure: CTC Ingenieros civiles
Foundation: Gutiérrez cimentaciones
Photography: Víctor Jiménez