Casa Guadarrama - Mayer Hasbani
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Casa Guadarrama

The monotonous rhythm that make up the facades of the houses on Calle Guadarrama is interrupted by an architectural manifesto: the usual architecture evolves plastically to make way for the Casa Guadarrama; a space poetry in the midst of prose. It is an expressionist game of intersecting concrete and granite volumes that stand out from their context for their bold and contemporary design. Unlike the other residences on the street, Casa Guadarrama stands like that new girl on the block: daring, cunning and young.


Through an access lattice that allows direct contact between the exterior and interior, the first succession of spaces is accessed. It is a house that is discovered, walked and understood through the exploration of its areas. The garage – the first cunningly designed space – is much more than that, it is the possibility of having a buffer zone between inside and outside. On one side of the gabion wall, cars are parked, on the other, fish swim — a pond that integrates an entire ecosystem, which changes the microclimate of the house to say to its inhabitant: you have arrived. This access is only the first clue to discover that the house is made of instants and that each space is as special as the adjacent one.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Private
Type: Architecture (residential)
Area: 670 sqm
Writing date: 2012
Construction date: 2014
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Jesús Vargas, Fátima González
Status: Built

Construction team

Structure: Ing. Mario Romero Castello
MEP: Instalaciones 2000
Landscape: DLC
Photography: Paul Czitrom