Colegio CHMS - Mayer Hasbani
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Colegio CHMS

Remodeling of the Media Library and Cafeteria
The CHMS Media Library project arose from the identification of an underutilized space in the school, a remnant area in the basement of the auditorium that was adjacent to the primary building, the cafeteria and some computer rooms.
The program included 2 auditorium format classrooms, updating of the computer and digital classrooms, radio and video booth, 2 new “Maker Space” classrooms, digital media library with work and collaboration areas, collection and complementary classrooms, as well as the expansion and remodeling of the cafeteria.
The project opens new circulation and connects the different levels of the school by using new stairs, making the epicenter of the school towards this area. The media library divides the spaces by age groups and uses the height of the ceiling, furniture and graphic design to emphasize this distinction.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Colegio Hebreo Monte Sinaí
Type: Educational
Area: 4,164 sqm
Writing date: 2017
Construction date: 2019
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Paola López Solis, Santiago Caballero, Lucía Ron Pedrique, Rolando Gomez
Status: Built

Construction team

Construction: Arq. Jacobo Zagha / CHMS
Structure: CMF
Facades: Un Modulo
Lighting Design: Luis Lozoya
Landscape: Ambiente Arquitectos
Branding: Cobalto Studio
Photography: Luis Gordoa