Felix U Gómez - Mayer Hasbani
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Felix U Gómez

The construction of the FUG Monterrey mixed-use complex will be carried out.
The estimated construction area is 93,955 sqm
It is made up of the following areas:
Shopping plaza + Lobby (PB level)
Apartments + Amenities (Level N06 to N25)
Offices + Hotel (Level N06 to n24)
Commercial + Office + Hotel parking lots (Level S01 to S02)
Departmental parking lots (Level N02 to N05)

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León
Client: Private
TYpe: Mixed use
Area: 90,907 sqm
Writing date: 2019
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Alfredo Lagunas, Paola López Solis, Víctor Ramírez
Status: Design

Renders: DECC