LEVEL Querétaro

MAYER HASBANI designs in Querétaro “Level”, the new flagship tower that, through its innovative architecture, responds to the needs of the new corporate class.
The life of a modern city requires modern services. The flows and ways have evolved to new ways of living and working; the population is young and dynamic and the cities change their forms in order to adapt to the new needs. The good architecture of today understands this transitions, it builds itself so that the form adapts to these new functions and a single space can serve to accommodate many activities. Such is the case of Level, the new business center in Querétaro designed by the architectural office MAYER HASBANI.
Level is not an office building like any other. It is a space for possibilities, networking and new horizons. The project consists of two towers that house both business spaces and amenities, common areas, commercial premises and parking. A monumental staircase welcomes he user as it unfolds through the paths that reveal its spaces. The two volumes of buildings play harmoniously between them until they are out of phase and draw an elegant twist that opens to the sky to take advantage of the greatest number of panoramic views towards the outside.

Location: Querétaro
Client: Milk Life Investments
Type: Corporate
Area: 34,500 sqm
Writing date: 2016
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Alma Montiel, Gilberto Marín, Alberto Castellanos, Alejandra Ramírez, Diana Romero, Paola López Solis, Fernanda Ramirez, Melanie Eugenio
Status: In construction

Construction Team

Construction: Milk Life Investments
Structure: Izquierdo y asociados
MEP: BIM studio
Facade: Un Modulo
Lighting design: Luz + Forma