Select Sound - Mayer Hasbani
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Select Sound

Select Sound is a company that sells music speakers, its offices are located in Interlomas, in the western part of Mexico City


Entering through the main access, there is a corridor in which the material used was speakers, these were placed on the walls and ceiling, making it the first impression for the client.


The wall of the reception was covered with mesh for horns, with the intention of using the materials of its products, in the same way a ceiling lamp was created, generating a niche, this one contains a mirror on the upper part with the idea of duplicating all these materials seeing them infinitely.


The first section of these offices is covered with a wooden ceiling, this area is where the directors’ spaces and the boardroom are located, the latter has a Quadro Line finish perforated with acoustic material making the sound stay inside, from Likewise, it has a display to test all the products that the company sells, on the other hand, the glass in this room has an intelligent film that is opaque to give privacy.


The Select Sound floor was made with apparent concrete at the request of the client, to give it an industrial look and in the staff area the corner was left free to have a clean and bright view. All this space has an apparent slab creating a larger space, like the boardroom to frame the window, it has a Quadro Line finish perforated with acoustic material.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Select Sound
Type: Corporate Interiors
Area: 300 sqm
Writing date: 2020
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Paola López Solis, Melanie Eugenio
Status: In construction

Construction team

Construction: RBarq
Lighting design: Luis Lozoya
Renders: Studio ZVR3D